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WMOSS4 manual, source code or win32 executable (below):

UPDATE April 20, 2013:

- fixed loading EG&G ORTEC *.mcs files (MCS-32 software up to ver2.2)

UPDATE Feb 27, 2013: major new release (v4F).

List of changes:

- The series of models based on Theoretical Model 5 (effective field approximation) work now much better. Attention: due to fixing long standing symmetry problems for Model 5 (which only occured for case of POL=-1 geometry) the Theta, Phi and Euler_EFG angles from old parameters files should be redefined.

- The Model 5 series offer also significant improvements in speed, accuracy and flexibility in order to be efficient for a maximum of 84 (14x6) subspectra fit (increased from 32 previously). The Models 5 series are based on effective field combined with WMOSS''s full parametrization of the nuclear spin hamiltonian and apply to most of the solid state materials (ex. texture effects, ferromagnets, nanoparticles) but also to many polynuclear clusters or complexes having large molecular anisotropies (ex. SMMs). The Theoretical Model 5-1 (NEW) includes an axial electronic problem defined by D-parameter for each subsite. The cosine directors of Hint for each subsite represents therefore the directions of individual ionic moments in the cluster, allowing determination of its spin-topology.

- inequivalent Fe-positions in all models: enough (14).

- number spectra for simultaneous fit: enough (6).

- GUI improvements. New basic functions in Custom PS-Plot (colors, add/remove spectra and history, etc).

- 3 new Theoretical Models (1-1, 4-1 and 5-1): relaxation is referenced either as global or local parameter, etc.

For details consult the new available WMOSS4 ver. F manual.

Thank you for using WMOSS.

WMOSS4 Manual

The new WMOSS4 (ver.F) Manual is ready. Download in Letter format here or in A4 format here.

WMOSS4 v4F program

Download the free WMOSS4_v4f Win32 program (zip archive) here ...

Note that it is mandatory to delete (or rename) the old C:\WEB directory from previous versions. Extract the new \WEB directory in C:\ and execute wmoss4_F.exe.

WMOSS4 Source code

Download the WMOSS Source code here ...

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